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Friends of FFtL

You are invited to become a "Friend of Fast Forward to Literacy."

Your donation qualifies you to be included on this thank-you page. Also, your name will be personally inscribed on a book to be given to a selected student from this year's target school.

LITERACY TRUSTEES ($5,000 and above)

Beth and Bob Holt
Judi and Cliff Cantrell
Corinne and Gordon Schieman

LITERACY BENEFACTORS ($1,000 - $4,999)

Jeanne Fowle
Sally and V.J. Barton Higgins
Trish and Nick Nichols
Charlotte Soule
Marilyn and Frank Shaffer

LITERACY PATRONS ($500 - $999)

E F. Bavis
Alice and Jack Braly
Diane and Robert Christman
Drs. Emily and Rodney Foltz
Catherine Higgins
Kathy and Randy Hill
Sharlene and Neil Kark
Bill and Chris Kraft
Joanna and Dick Miller
Sammie and Jeff Nigh
Lydia Ross and Steve Ross Nesterak
Ethelmay Sewicki
Virginia and Ray Wagner


Debbie and John Barthel
Barbara and Ed Bishop
Jennette and Randy Black
Kathy and John Diak
Joann Dohe
Melvina and John Defellippie
Katy and Bill Early
Carolyn and David Eisenbrandt
Lorraine Florey
Ladies Guild Hilltop United Church of Christ
Evie and Evan Makovsky
Sandra and Martin Mann
Jennie and Jim Moore
Kathy and Ved Nanda
Helen and Ron Reed
Joanne and Robert Zimmer


Deborah Acree
Dottie and Denny Becker
Sheila and Michael Boone
Pam and Jack Cassidy
Janet and Dave Day
Gabriel Gottlieb
Cay and Alan Herrington
Metta and Pete Inskeep
Irene Iswarienko
Sue Kempton
Mary Lanzendorfer
Jeane and Dennis Lumley
Karen Lynch
Lynne and Terry Martin LW
Mary Maddox
Vicki McElvain
Mildred Mele
Ellie and Bill Moller
Margaret Murphy
Karen and John Olsen
Lynda Pearce
Irene and Bob Perkins
Karen and Peter Rex
Louise and Norman Stitizer
Jane and David Thornhill
Katherine and Martin Timinski
Dr. Keith Topping
Barbara Wetzel


Patricia Ackerman
Gerrie Alvarez
Betty Arndt
Diane Bakke
Phyllis Barnard
Sharon Berglund
Robin Booth
Aileen Bradly
Carolyn Brown
Deanna Brown
Gail Broyles
Dr. Joel Bryk
Barbara Campbell
Jerald Caspe
Katie Danielson
Pearl Davis
Kimberly and Daniel Decker
P. J. Ehlers
Roben Deines
Conli Fraze
Dorothy Fresenborg
Lynn Forsberg
Jeannette Furer
Marty Gathers
Susan Gesundheit
Carol Gewiss
Vernette Gilbert
Ida Goldberger
Jacqueline Greenberg
Catherine Green
Helain Hayutin
Barbara Hicky
Susan Hooten
Ursula Huber
Ellyn Hutt
Martha Keister
Lenny Kark
Sue Kelch
Norma Kline
Joan Lafon
Linda Laniado
Brenda Lauer
Ms. Makalki
Evie and Evan Makovsky
Kristy Marshall
Dawn and Mark Maurer
Kathi McCabe
Renee McLaughlin
Angela Meldahl
Marjorie Meyerle
Catherine Moses
Patricia and Jim Nelson
Barbara Noyes
Diane and Thomas O'Keefe
Missy Ochs
Lucille Pelech
Nancy Petersen
Linda Peterson
Caren Phillips
Walter Potter
Tracy Quintana
Joan Roethlisberger
Barbara Stisser
Norma Stout
Joanie Sullivan
Sandra Vinnik
Judye and Stephen Wahlberg
Barbara Watson
Kay Weinsteion
Pat Witzel
Lisa Wolkin
Linda Ziraldo


The Denver Foundation
Grout Family Foundation
Guaranty Bank and Trust Company
Holt-Voth Family Foundation
King Soopers
Kunjami Coffee
Mountain and Plains Independent Booksellers Association
N'VAN's Nail Salon
Noodles & Co.
The PCG Foundation
Parker Blooms
Parker Day Spa
Parker Public Library
Peace Corps/Vista Alumni of Colorado
People’s National Bank
Pine Tree Jewelers, Parker
Poor Richard's Book Shoppe
The Prudential Foundation
Tagawa Gardens
Tracy Quintana, Professional Photographer
Whitten Design Group LLC

If you'd like to participate in this program -- as a Friend, a volunteer, or well-wisher -- please e-mail us at

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